Thursday, June 18, 2015

How Children Benefit from Trekking

Of all the adventures that one can think of for children, I feel that trekking is the most beneficial one. This experience helps children understand their self, better their interpersonal relationships, develop love and care for nature, and thus, make them better than before they started.

While preparing for a trek, a child can objectively learn to leverage their physical strengths and overcome their weaknesses. The fitness and endurance required for trekking gives them the basic lesson of the correlation between the mind and the body: a sound mind thrives in a sound body. A rigorous fitness regimen before the trek equips them for the rigors of trekking. Thus, during the trek, they will face less physical fitness issues and can enjoy the sights and sounds of the trek better.

Out there in the wilderness, with no family or friends around to fuss about or support them, with no distractions, with no mode of communication with the outside world, they soon realize that their self and the group is all they have. This helps them understand and act as one unit instead of disparate units. They understand the importance of sharing and caring for others. They learn to hone their communication skills and see how it helps build a good rapport with their fellow trekkers.

And last but not the least, a trek shows them the beauty of Creation like no movies or books can. This helps strengthen their love for nature and can inspire them to lead to a more sustainable lifestyle. It is very heartening to see children beaming back from treks and convincing their elders to go the green way.

Arjun Majumdar, of Indiahikes, avers that during and after a trek, the positive transformation in a child - from a feeling of insecurity and dependency to one of confidence and self-reliance - is quite palpable. Not to mention the glowing smile that spreads over these young faces - the face of hope and a better tomorrow for all of us. If you have already not planned a trek for your child(ren), plan one now!

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  1. Nice post. Parent should read this and encourage their children to start exploring a positive world called wilderness.